SAFETECH provides a full range of certified and customised First Aid, Fire and Safety courses with flexible delivery options available.

welldoc First Aid Level 1

The basics of effective first aid. This important service is provided by SAFETECH, a leader in first aid training. It also meets the standards required to help employers comply with Health & Safety Regulations.


welldoc First Aid Level 2

Using the advanced First Aid procedures, taught by SafeTech, you will gain the skills required to respond to injuries and other medical emergencies.


welldoc First Aid Level 3

This First Aid course is best suited for people who have first aid responsibilities in high risk organisations. If you are employed as a First Aider in this field, this course is for you.


welldoc Fire Fighting Level 1: Fire Awareness and Prevention

Designed to ensure learners know and understand how to prevent, contain and extinguish any small fire.



welldoc Fire Training Level 2: Advanced Fire Fighting

With advanced equipment and techniques, we teach you how to further develop your fire fighting skills..



welldoc Emergency Evacuation Warden

Specifically designed for persons who have to facilitate and assist with the evacuation of a building during emergencies.


welldocBreathing Apparatus

Our Breathing Apparatus course will provide the learner with the skills and knowledge to use a Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.


welldoc Basic Health & Safety Representative

Our Health & Safety Representative Training will help the learner understand the objectives of the OHS Act and what is legally required in terms thereof in the workplace. It provides a practical focus on the roles and responsibilities of Health & Safety Representatives, employers and employees at work.


welldoc Health & Safety for Supervisors and Managers

The Health & Safety Representative training course for Supervisors and Managers will ensure that you stay up-to-date on your responsibilities, ensuring the health and safety of your workers.


welldoc Advanced Health & Safety Representative

Our Advanced Health & Safety Representative course builds on the skills, knowledge and competences developed in the Health & Safety Representative training.


welldoc Health & Safety Induction

The Health & Safety Induction course introduces all staff to The Occupational Health and Safety Act. It also focus on common hazards, safe working procedures and other control measures enabling them to work in a safe and healthy manner.


welldoc Occupational Health & Safety Act Seminar

Our Occupational Health & Safety Act Seminar will help you to easily implement the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 (OHSA) within your company. This course also gives employees a better understanding of why they need to abide by this law and where they fit in.