In addition to providing accredited First Aid, Fire and Health and Safety training, SAFETECH also offers a selection of Fire Extinguishers, First Aid and Safety equipment for sale. If you have completed any of our training courses, you will be familiar with most of the health and safety equipment that you require to ensure your workplace remains a safe and prepared environment.

First Aid Kits

First-Aid-Kits-for-sale-cWhen undergoing an inspection, one of the first things an inspector will ask you is: “Where do you keep your First Aid Kits, do you have a sign clearly stating where to find it, and is it stocked according to the Department of Labour’s specifications?” Then he / she will ask you to also provide your monthly checklists for abovementioned. We not only supply the kits, but also teach you how to draw up a checklist and give you samples at our First Aid training.

  • Office First Aid Kit
  • Industrial First Aid Kit
  • Vehicle First Aid Kit
  • Refill First Aid Kit

Fire Extinguishers and Fire Safety Equipment

According to law (SANS 10400 Part T), you need to ensure your workplace is fully equipped with the correct fire equipment, signs and monthly checklists. Safetech can also assist you with meeting these requirements.

  • Fire-Extinguishers-for-cDCP 1.0 kg
  • DCP 1.5 kg
  • DCP 2.5 kg
  • DCP 4.5 kg
  • DCP 9.0 kg
  • Co2  2.0 kg
  • Co2  5.0 kg
  • Smoke Alarms
  • Fire Blankets

Other equipment

SAFETECH can assist with most Occupational Health and Safety related equipment; please feel free to contact us for any equipment not listed here.